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About Us

With around 25 reselling pages, today Daarkak is a well-known online based business organization.  we are serving about 1 lakh customers regularly with our products. New members are constantly joining in this huge family. It is only possible because our customer believe on our commitment and the mentality of serving honestly . But some years back  today’s Daar-kak was not as big  as it is today. Our journey began approximately 6 years ago with a very short production of a few t-shirts. We have come a long way in these 6 years facing a lot of hardships. Our dreamer and founding member, CEO Abu Obayeda saeem Sir dreamed of becoming the country’s leading e-commerce giant. He started it alone by going through various ups and downs. Many became companions with us also leave us. But now it is time to moving forward with the new bord members. Three young entrepreneur have joined us they are.

**JOBAYED HASSAN RIFAT(managing director & Board member)

**Md.Nuruzzaman  (Board member)

**Md.saiful islam (Board membe)

Along with the founding members of Darkak, we would like to thank our customers, their trust and all the crew and resellers whose tireless work and love has made our journey so much easier today.

Our Team Member


CEO & founder


managing director & Board member

Md.saiful islam

Board member


Board member

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Sattisfied Completely Customers


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10,000+ Satisfied Business & Customers

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