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When you think about quality fashion that comes with affordability and one-of-a-kind style, Daar-Kak is your one-stop solution. 

We are Daar-Kak, a multi-purpose clothing brand that creates contemporary style and sets the latest trends. 

From the beginning of ___ we have been growing strongly with a powerful consumer base and an amazing team. Although we started small, we are learning every day and exploring every horizon for success. 

We extended our capacity to build our own garments, and now we are running a nationwide community of retailers. 

From wholesaling to retailing, we are also adding significant value to Bangladesh's garment industry. 

We believe in teamwork, unity, and giving talent the right acknowledgement. That is why we have built a house of expertise in our corporate office. Along with that, we always look for new talent. On the other hand, through our garments section, which is called Daar-Kak apparel, we have created a new employment opportunity, acknowledging the talent and passion our youth have. 

Our goal is to be a changemaker who inspires others to be leaders.

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Abu Obayda Saeem
Abu Obayda Saeem

Founder & CEO


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